best cheap bikinis 2021

Summer is finally arriving and wether or not you’re gonna go on vacation, you still need some cute bikinis for this summer! I decided to find some cute bikinis that are overall pretty cheap. I picked all the bikinis from Shein today, if you want me to pick swimwear from a different store then let me know in a comment!

This bikini has a floral print and it’s available in 9 different colours, including orange, green, pink and more. It’s so cute and as many of you know, floral print is very popular. This bikini is available in sizes XS-L.


Then we have another fun print. This is probably my favorite, the model and the print are both so cute! This one is available 8 colours, including purple, yellow, brown and more. This one is available in XS-L and in blue it’s also available in XL-4XL.


Next we have a high waisted bikini with multiple stripe patterns. This one is available in 10 different prints/colours. This bikini has a bit more coverage than the first 2 (if you like that better). It’s available in sizes XS-XL.


If you’re more into plain bikinis than this one is for you! It’s available is 6 different colours: blue, pink, yellow, white, purple, baby pink. What I like most about this bikini is that it’s textured, it makes it cuter than a ‘normal’ bikini. available in sizes S-L.

$13.00 – $14.00

Next up from Shein we have a one piece. I thought I could include this one since it still kind of looks like a bikini. This swimsuit is available in 12 colours including red, blue, nude and more. It’s available in sizes S-L and it black it’s also available in sizes XL-4XL!


This a 3-piece bikini with zebra print! It comes with a top, a bottom and a skirt. This cute bikini is available in 8 colours including black, orange, blue and more. It’s available in sizes XS-XL and the green one is also available in 2XL-4XL.


Then we have one of our popular prints: tie-dye! I think this one looks so good and all of the colours look amazing. It’s available in 12 colours in sizes XS-XL.


Last up we have a one shoulder bikini! I had to include one like this because it looks really good. This one is available in 6 colours: white, cadet blue, dusty blue, mint blue, rust brown, baby pink. Available in sizes XS-L.


Those were some cute cheap bikinis for summer 2021! Comment down below which one is your favorite or which one you recommend! Feel free to check out the items in this article. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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