reacting to my old channel

I’ve been one year on youtube so in this video I’m gonna react to my first youtube channel! This isn’t my first youtube channel and my first youtube videos were not so good. Today I’m gonna give my reaction to those videos after 4 years!

make your room aesthetic

I am gonna show you how to make your room look aesthetic. I have some very cute aesthetic room decor ideas that I think you’ll like. Some decor ideas are free and others are very cheap! I’m also gonna talk about room decor DIY, aesthetic room inspo and bedroom decorating ideas.

my night routine

I am gonna vlog the whole evening/night and show you my night routine of 2021. This video is kind of filmed in vlog style, it just came out that way but I hope you like it. I have a pretty chill night routine, I just relax and watch Netflix usually.

customize your macbook

For today’s video I’m gonna show you how to customize your MacBook with Big Sur. I’m gonna show you aesthetic widgets, the flip clock screen saver, customize dock and menu bar, colour accents and so much more! I love a MacBook aesthetic setup so I’m gonna show you how to get that.

morning routine

I am gonna take you with me in the morning! I’m gonna show you what I do after I wake up and what my aesthetic morning routine is like. I have a chill but productive morning routine but it’s not the same every day and it changes some time.

exciting news!

In this video I have something very excited to share with you! This is a new beginning and I’m super excited, I hope you are too! If you’re here then you might already know that this video is about me starting this blog!